Song Covered by
Gantz Graf (Autechre) Ra
km 83 (Francoiz Breut) nicolas colas
7 Screaming Diz-Busters (Blue Oyster Cult) Vania de Bie-Vernet
Comment tu t'appelles (Mathieu Boogaerts) Daniel Palomo Vinuesa
Secrete Side (Nico) Mirror Mirror
Le Flot (Queens of The STone Age) Ali Veejay
By this river (Brian Eno) The konki duet
Ace of Spade (Motörhead) Pokett
Always On My Mind (Brenda Lee) Milkymee
Martine (Louis Philippe) Moon Palace & Jacques 136
Washer (Slint) Lauter
Observatory crest (Captain Beefheart) Lispector & Maisonneuve
Close to me (The Cure) Little Red Lauter
Girl (Suicide) Whorehouse
Fluffy tufts (Cocteau Twins) Wasserland
Ivy Ivy (The Left Banke) All If
French Tickler (Sonic Youth) Lispector
Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Bonnie Tyler) Random Cover Orchestra
Toy Boy (Sinitta) Kumi Solo
Roots, Bloody Roots (Sepultura) Odran Trummel
After Hours (The Velvet Underground) Strawberry Bones
Unmasked (Robert Wyatt) David Fenech
Stacey Grove (T-Rex) EDH
Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin) My Jazzy Child
Hey Young World (Slick Rick) Sad Brad Smith
Issues (Snoop Doggy Dog) Hypo & EDH
Trompe le Monde (The Pixies) Los Chicros
Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye) Paloma
Here (Pavement) Domotic
Dream Brother (Jeff Buckley) Don Nino
Mercy Seat (Ultra Vivid Scene) Stuntman 5
April come she will (Simon and Garfunkel) Kumi Llung
Diamond (William DeVaughn) Davide Balula
TugBoat (Galaxie 500) Take A Walk For A Ride
La passionata (Guy Marchand) Les Hauts de Plafonds
bucherons (bérurier noir) ii
Steppin Out (Joe Jackson) Karaocake
Behind the mask (Yellow Magic Orchestra) O.Lamm
The Cross (Prince) Querencia
Operate (Peaches) Biscuit
Footprints (Wayne Shorter) Aurélien Potier
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths) The Missing Season
True Love is Not Nice (Jonathan Richman) Log House
Try Again (Aalliyah) Concertmate
Budge (Dinosaur JR) J&Y
Chose Molle (Sublime Deluxe reprenant Wild Thing des Troggs.) Arnaud Le Gouëfflec vs Jorge Bernstein & the pioupioufuckers-
Baby want you please come home (Clarence Williams) KIM
Venus (The Wedding Prsent) Le Man avec les Lunettes
surf'up (The Beach Boys) Pierre & Marie
I saw her standing there (The Beatles) Hank Harry
Ladytron (Roxy Music) Vania de Bie-Vernet
Ninja Turtle Theme (Denis Brown) Les Johnnys
Shiny Happy People (R.E.M) The Oslo Deadtrash Project
A forest (The Cure) Nadia Lichting
Love Buzz (Shocking Blue) King Q4
Sunflower (Low) Mr 60
Power Race (Les Thugs) Pull
I'm your man (Léonard Cohen) REZA
Les jours sont bien trop longs (Taxi Girl) Nicolas Jorio
How could I not like you (The konki duet) Chris Beach
Monnaie for nothing (Dire Straits) Poster Moderne
Insane Asylum (Willie Dixon) Harvesting the seeds
perfect day (Lou Reed) My Jazzy Child
The Model (Kraftwerk) Boulder Dash
Brand New Life (Young Marble Giant) Pollyanna